Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First The Versalite Blogger Award

Hi My Crafty Friends,

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Im so excited because I been given The Versalite Blogger Award by Heather at http://scrappingrunnercreations.blogspot.com/ .

The rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person who sent it to you
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Send this to 15 bloggers
Thank you so much Heather for my first Versatile Blogger Award.

7 things about me:
1. I love to eat lol
2. I love turtles
3. I like to do the ZUMBA workout
4. I have a dog and his name is Tiger
5. I like the Twilight books and movies
6. I like to go camping
7. I enjoy fishing with my hubby

Im passing this Award to:

1. Amanda http://amandascraftsandmore.blogspot.com/
2. Stephanie http://www.alwayscrafting.com/
3. Maria http://www.believedreamcreatewithmaria.com/
4. Shawnne http://quiverofangels.blogspot.com/
5. Ellen http://cardmonkey-business.blogspot.com/
6.Jenny http://crazyaboutcricut.blogspot.com/
7. Kristina http://yourmemorieshere.blogspot.com/
8. Nicole http://croppingmommadesigns.blogspot.com/
9. Melissa http://disneydreamerdesigns.blogspot.com/
10. Gaby http://gabycreates.com/
11. Glora http://glorascrafts.blogspot.com/
12. Lena http://lenascrafts.blogspot.com/
13. Krista http://www.kristaspapercafe.com/
14. Maria Elena http://mariaelenaworld.blogspot.com/
15. Janis http://pausedreamenjoy.blogspot.com/


Kristina said...

Thank you so much Vero! I am so honored you shared this award with me.

GabyCreates.com said...

Awww Thank you so much Vero! An honor to accept! ~hugs Gaby

Scrappin Rabbit Designs said...

Congrats on your award! Would you believe that you have another award?

I have an award for you! Please stop by.


Amy said...

Vero, you deserve all of the awards you've been getting!! You're such a creative and sweet person!! :) It's such a pleasure to be chosen for an award from you!! :) I haven't been able to post much lately, but I'll get this posted very, very soon!! :)

Thanks!! :)

Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com

Staying Crafty said...

I had so much fun reading a little bit about you! Turtles are sooo cute. My sister-in-law teaches Zumba - but I've never tried it, I'm addicted to Tae Bo and other similar workouts where I get to punch and pretend I'm tough. Cute doggy name :)

girlia said...

Congratulations on your award